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Thu, May 4, 2023, 6:30 PM

Another Real Estate bubble burst? How much higher can mortgage interest go? When would be the best time to buy or sell?

This might be one of the most popular event of the year. It is a rare and important opportunity to benefit from Nancy’s knowledge and insights on Real Estate and Mortgage Markets as well as on interest rates and the Fed. Nancy is one of the most internationally respected Real Estate experts, and she has advised both the Fed and Congress.

In person event, ticket is required, space is limited. Snacks and soft drinks will be served.

Fees are charged to cover chapter expenses as well as gifts for speakers. There are no refunds for cancellations.

Speaker's Bio: Prof. Nancy Wallace is a Berkeley Haas Professor and the Chair of the Real Estate Group, the Lisle and Roslyn Payne Chair in Real Estate Capital Markets, and the Co-Chair, Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics. She is widely recognized as an expert on the valuation of both residential and commercial mortgages and properties, and has published extensively on these subjects. For more details, please visit her Haas webpage at

For questions, please contact Victor,, or Nora,


Mon, Jun 5, 2023, 5:00 PM

You have heard about the metaverse (how could you not?), a virtual fantasy world you can escape to. However, we are still stuck in the real, physical world, with all its challenges – from climate change to labor shortages. A new generation of smart robots is here to help in the real world, working side-by-side with people and connected through the cloud to advanced AI. The roboverse is already here, and it will transform how we think about work. Join us for a panel of experts exploring the rapidly evolving technology, societal impact and investment opportunities.


Dr. Ernesto Dal Bó, Professor and group chair of the Business and Public Policy, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

Amit Goel, Director of Product Management for Autonomous Machines, NVIDIA

Dr. Nisha Talagala, Founder and CEO, Pyxeda AI and AIClub World

Andra Keay, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics

Ale Vergara, Associate at Bee Partners


Tickets are required and available for sale, space is limited. Food and refreshment will be served.

If you have any questions, please email Angela at, or Florian at

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